Legislative Platform

Indiana Council 2021 Legislative and Public Policy Platform

Community mental health center (CMHC) providers are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive health services to high risk, high need consumers suffering from mental health or substance use disorders and the legislature should take steps to ensure the system is appropriately funded to treat these vulnerable health consumers in their communities.

Improving healthcare access is critical to ensure that high risk, high need health consumers have been appropriately determined eligible for services and afforded the opportunity for well-designed treatment options specific to their health condition. It is critical to develop and appropriately incentivize the mental health and substance abuse treatment workforce to meet the healthcare needs of Hoosiers.

For the 2021 legislative session, the Indiana Council has identified the following primary areas of advocacy on behalf of the community based mental health and substance use treatment system in Indiana.

The Indiana Council Supports:

  • Ensuring a continuation of telehealth services  to provide comprehensive behavioral health treatment within Community Mental Health Centers in a post-COVID environment.

  • Working with FSSA on a reimbursement model for triage, intake, and assessment for behavioral health, including addiction.

  • Federal approval for an integrated health home model in Indiana.

  • Addressing administrative inconsistencies in numerous state agency requirements, such as criminal background checks and fingerprinting.

  • Implementing an automatic, centralized, and efficient statewide credentialing process for health care providers upon hiring.

  • Improving the residential addiction treatment ASAM 3.1 program by authorizing Medicaid Rehabilitation reimbursement in such facilities.

  • Coordinating with FSSA to modify and improve the Adult Mental Health Habilitation program in order to  provide habilitation services for consumers unable to move into mental health recovery.

  • Modernizing the current Medicaid Rehabilitation Option program by improving rates associated with non-ADL billing under MRO, in order to enhance the level of mental health and addiction treatment services being provided by community mental health without adding to state costs.

  • Ensuring that behavioral health jail contracts are completed in cooperation with the designated CMHC serving the community where the jail is located or as directed by the county in special circumstances. Further, seeking to enhance representation of mental health and addiction treatment providers within the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC).

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