Legislative Platform

Indiana Council 2019 Legislative and Public Policy Platform

Community mental health center (CMHC) providers are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive health services to high risk, high need consumers suffering from mental health or substance use disorders and the legislature should take steps to ensure the system is appropriately funded to treat these vulnerable health consumers in their communities.

Improving healthcare access is critical to ensure that high risk, high need health consumers have been appropriately determined eligible for services and afforded the opportunity for well-designed treatment options specific to their health condition. It is critical to develop and appropriately incentivize the mental health and substance abuse treatment workforce to meet the healthcare needs of Hoosiers.

For the 2019 legislative session, the Indiana Council has identified the following primary areas of advocacy on behalf of the community based mental health and substance use treatment system in Indiana.

The Indiana Council Supports:

  • Medicaid bundled reimbursement rate for addiction treatment teams to improve treatment patients in medically underserved areas
  • Partial hospitalization, as an integral part of Medicaid services, with supervised day treatment to provide patients with intensive services.
  • Actions to require commercial insurance to reimburse school-based mental health services.
  • Establishing a prompt payment statue for Managed Care in the administration of Medicaid Program to streamline payment for health services
  • Authorizing 30-day provisional credentialing required by (2018) HEA 1007 for Medicaid
  • Postponing the Division of Mental Health and Addiction’s implementation of Federal Home and Community-Based Standards until the last date required by federal law to allow community mental health centers the time necessary to make significant changes
  • Enacting formal Family and Social Services Administration audit requirements to streamline audit activity and reduce administrative burden and look-back period
  • Elevating Advanced Practice Registered Nurses status (beyond midlevel) and reimbursing at a high fixed percentage of physician pay schedule under Medicaid
  • Developing a bundled residential treatment rate for both mental and substance use treatment based on the level of need instead of an individual fee for services
  • The use of county rehabilitation funds appropriated through HEA 1263-2018 to leverage additional services toward individuals in need of mental health and substance abuse treatment while also funding operational costs
  • The creation of a licensure renewal fee for mental health and addiction professionals to fund a loan forgiveness program for mental health and substance abuse providers

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